Taj on High


The Best of Fine Dining in Epping...

Being an Indian fine dining restaurant in Epping, we take care to create a meal experience par excellence on all fronts – food, service and décor.
Authenticity is the keyword all around TajOn High. Our food is made fresh, with quality ingredients handpicked from authentic Indian producers, and you are sure to taste the difference in every bite. Our chefs have spent many years in the hospitality industry, and are masters at what they do. Our service staff also strives to make every visit pleasant andmemorable, and treat all our guests with care and respect. And to top it all, our tasteful décor adds more warmth to the already spacious seating arrangement. And this is what makes the Taj on High experience out of the ordinary.
Taj on High specializes in creating remarkable meal experiences that will make you want to visit over and over again. We would love to have you over with family and friends, to experience the best in Indian fine dining, and to enjoy great conversations in the company of good food. Whether it is to make an ordinary day special or add more to an already special event, you can always be assured of impeccable food and service quality when you choose to dine with us.



Day Open Close
Monday5.00pm 11.00pm
Tuesday5.00pm 11.00pm
Wednesday5.00pm 11.00pm
Thursday5.00pm 11.00pm
Friday5.00pm 11.00pm
Saturday5.00pm 11.00pm
Sunday5.00pm 11.00pm