4 Christmas themes to apply to your home styling

Christmas is fast approaching and now is the perfect time to start thinking about Chritsmas decorations, food, and all the bits and pieces that make this season so magical. Today we’re sharing some festive homemaking themes to inspire you and give you some fresh ideas you might not have considered. Plan your festive season early and avoid the stress of last minute shopping and decorating, using that time instead to have fun with family and friends.

Just because this Chritsmas might look a little different than we’d hoped, it’s no reason to not go all out. In fact, why not go the extra mile to delight your loved ones? Fill your home with the magical spirit of Christmas with the help of our easy guide. Read about the four stunning Christmas themes that can help inspire how you might decorate the home this year.

Beige and beachy

Pastels aren’t the first shades that spring to mind when it comes to Christmas, but they make perfect sense for warm weather and long, light days. Not everyone likes the traditional palette of reds and greens, instead preferring a more neutral and minimal approach. The beige and beachy theme is perfect for light-filled spaces looking for a complementary festive aesthetic. The good news is that buying new items to fit this theme doesn’t mean you’ll only get use out of them during the festive season – they’re likely to look just as good at future dinner parties and other occasions. You can forgo a traditional tree in favour of a neutral Christmas wreath or get a wooden Christmas tree to channel the feel of coastal decor. 

  • This theme works great both indoors and outdoors, so don’t forget outdoor Christmas lights 
  • Choose natural, worn-in surfaces such as wood or rattan
  • Fill vases and vessels with driftwood or sticks and hang minimal decorations from them
  • If you want a traditional tree but still want to keep it beachy, opt for light-coloured ornaments or keep them all one colour 
  • Look to lights as decoration, adding delicate strings where suitable – you can even decorate your tree using only Chritsmas lights
  • Lean towards crisp whites, creams and pale colours
  • Arrange rustic throw cushions on chairs for added comfort and a classy laid back vibe
  • Decorate with candles that have a subtle perfume
  • Forage for some found objects such as shells, coral or even driftwood for statement table or sideboard pieces 
  • Choose non-traditional Christmas decorations made from driftwood, coral, and shells
  • Write your guests’ name on a pebble and use it instead of a place setting card


Botanical and organic 

In recent years, Christmas styling trends have  started to shift towards a more natural festive look, involving foraged materials and greenery. This Christmas theme is perfect for anyone who likes a space to feel organic and to bring outdoor elements inside. Like the beige and beachy theme above, one of the benefits of opting for this theme is that a lot of the items can be reused on other occasions. Take your inspiration from the outside world, bringing in different types of greenery, like eucalyptus which combines beautifully with traditional Christmas trees as well as scenting the room. 

  • Look to your local area and forage natural greenery to dress the table with. Gather bunches of greenery and arrange them casually in matching or mixed vases – the final arrangements should look natural and organic
  • Entertaining outside? You’ll need outdoor Christmas lights
  • Decorate your home with a Christmas garland – they can be wrapped around banisters, fireplaces, and even windows and doors
  • Stick to a neutral palette inspired by nature. Think: green, beige, brown, grey, rust, etc. 
  • Look for natural materials and fabrics. Linen is a great choice for a tablecloth; cotton works too – just stay away from anything overly white or starched
  • If your table is made from a natural material, don’t feel like you need to cover it up – get placemats to sit under plates
  • Wood and wicker elements will expand on the natural theme. Shop for nibble bowls, wicker bread baskets, and wooden utensils
  • Look for dinnerware with organic shapes and clay-based items as they channel the natural elements. Plus, they’ll look chic beyond the Christmas period. Don’t be scared to mix and match colours and shapes
  • Write your guests’ names on a leaf instead of paper as a placeholder 
  • As long as you keep the palette of everything on the table neutral, don’t stress about matching much else. The overall look should feel relaxed and the natural textures and colours will work in harmony without you even trying

Whites, golds and minimalism

This year, less can certainly look like more. The theme of white, gold, and minimalism channels some traditional festive elements while making them look more contemporary. This is the Christmas theme to go for if you like glam and luxe, as the gold accents will add magical festive sparkle. Contemporary spaces will benefit the most from this theme – anything with lots of light and open plan living – but it’ll look equally good if you have a cosier set-up. Since minimalism is one of the key aspects of the theme, you don’t need to go overboard with decorations – a few well-chosen items can help you channel this theme with ease. 

  • First, pick a dark hue for your tablecloth, an organic linen is preferred. This will serve as a simple yet striking base layer to your table
  • Minimal and matching crockery. Simple silver, rose or gold cutlery can add a subtle but startling contrasting statement to your table
  • Simple, non-scented tea light candles or for something with more of a nod to the traditional style, black or white advent (stick) candles
  • Candelabras don’t have to be gold and overly ornate. Arrange your candles in some contemporary holders in minimal hues and matte finishes
  • We recommend other simple festive touches such as modern bonbons, dressing the table or plates with thistle or Australian natives in green or red, and binding cutlery in silver or gold ribbon
  • You can decorate your tree sparsely using white and gold ornaments, or opt for a single shade instead. Trees decorated only with lights are another option – it’s a minimal statement that’s easy to achieve


Warm and traditional  

Some things become tradition for a reason and when it comes to Christmas, keeping the theme red, green, and full of sparkle appeals to so many of us. Typically, when we picture a traditional festive theme we imagine fabrics like tartan and velvet, rich jewel tones, and metallic accents too. This is the perfect Christmas theme for not only traditionalists but also maximalists as it allows you to fill your home with a little bit of everything. Likewise, a few traditional objects placed around the home can channel the theme without overpowering a space.  A tree is all but essential – dress it with plenty of lights, metallic ornaments, and even edible treats for the younger ones to find.

  • Make homemade Christmas decorations, like tree ornaments or gingerbread houses
  • Red and green, with gold accents is the most traditional palette. You can set a traditional table, using a white tablecloth, adding red or green placemats, for example
  • A velvet or tartan table runner will add interest to your table 
  • Long candles always look classic during the festive season. Look for gold or even candy-stripe candles
  • Unshelled nuts and pine cones make for great decorative items
  • A low-key yet impactful way of styling your table is opting for a bold tablecloth or napkins: red, green, or even patterned, like tartan
  • When picking flowers for the table, look for dark reds and greens, anything with red berries and evergreens
  • You can add strings of delicate lights around the table, which will beautifully illuminate the rich colours of your chosen decorations
  • Create decoration using clementines, studding them with cloves – they’ll gently scent the table with a traditional fragrance. You can also use cinnamon sticks as decorations, either grouping them in pretty bowls or scattering them on the table, interspersed with twigs of evergreens
  • Add crackers or bon-bons to each table setting for extra Christmas cheer

It’s time to add some Christmas magic to your home!

Picking and sticking to a decorating theme this Christmas is one way of minimising pre-festive stress. After all, this should be the season for getting together with friends and family and creating memories. Use our guide to find your Christmas personality, make a shopping list, and find everything you need conveniently under one roof. Plan first and let us do the rest for you. Have a magical Christmas!

Now is a great time to start shopping for those extra little decor touches that will give your home that added bit of magic! Visit your Centre today – you’ll find something perfect for every space of the home.